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None of you deserve a penny of a refund. You paid to watch films that you know are not legal and in violation of copyright laws. Serves you right for loosing money and you deserve it. You see the films and you know that they are still playing at the movie theaters! And you know that these are not out on DVD or for rent. People . . stop stealing Movies on the internet and go pay like the rest... Read more

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I input my card details to verify my iD with put locker for which i would be charged £0.00. Somehow film lush got my card details and first charged me £0.95, then on the 21st of November charged me £24.95. I will be going to my bank to inform them that this is an unauthorised payment and I did not even set up an account with film lush. Hopefully i will get a refund. I have emailed film lush... Read more

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They don't tell you your are going to be billed after ? many days then when you cancel they tell you you can use the sie for the remainder of what you paid for. If you don't remember the log in details they won't supply it. So what do you get for the money? I paid for several months without knowing then when I found out I called and cancelled but I had just been billed for the next month minus a... Read more

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  • FilmLush
  • Aug 31, 2015
  • #692368

I just signed up right now and i chose the 5 day free trial, next thing i know it does a triple thing to make it 15 days without asking if i wanted it the reason why im mad is the extra days they added they took a dollar from my account but they messed up cause they said on the page that nothing will be tooken out of my account well now im gona sew them. Add comment

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  • FilmLush
  • Jul 18, 2015
  • #667909

they said no money would come out of my account but they r taking 2pound95 every month how do u stop it Add comment

I have just started the 5 day trial but cancelled within 10 mins off signing up to it. it is a joke and will be going down to see my bank to make sure it gets cancelled and no payments come out off my account this company are just taking the *** and should not be allowed to advertise all the films they say that you can get when you can,t all this as not worth even entertaining will be writing... Read more

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I've just got on to the bank after cancelling membership by phone yesterday; it was Only a few hours before, that I had joined! ...... like others; I had typed up Peter Sellers' film 'Battle of the Sexes' and as usual you couldn't watch 'FOR FREE', but had to Log-in to FilmLush' - went through all the flamin' form filling AND BANK DETAILS I hasten to add; ......... Only to find that there's... Read more

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  • FilmLush
  • May 22, 2015
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I signed up for a free trial, I was then charged £1 then 2days later another £7.99.. I want my money back Add comment

i don't know what film lush is but i just need my Money back. i don't know how you got my information for my bank account. so i just need you to stop and give that Money back coz its not cool. please. since i need that Money back, you should send it as soon as posible otherwise am going to write your name all over the internet and trust me you will not steal anybody any more. i need my Money... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • FilmLush
  • Feb 19, 2015
  • #597428

I was told I was not going to be charged for a free trail and you guys charged me 40.00 this is bull I'm not a happy person Add comment

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