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FILMLUSH lures curious customers by free subscription that can be only accomplished by credit card information. Although their site states clearly and boldly that these information for identification purposes only, and will not be used to charge the credit card, FILMLUSH will surprise naive customers like me by a charge of 34,95 EUR for the "free" subscription, which hides a five day trial, which will be converted to a regular membership if not canceled within five days.

There are a lot of decent ways to hook customers. FILMLUSH, however, uses a mean and dirty way to get our money. The first thing I did was to cancel the membership and to contact their support. By phone: nothing, as to be expected.

I wrote them an email, a copy of which was sent to me with a remark that their customer support will contact me in 72 hours. Whenever they do, they will let me know that these charges are not refundable according to rule X or Y on their site.

The joke is, I received a confirmation that my email reached them, but I never received a confirmation of terminating my membership, and the removal of my CC information from their database.

Stay away from FILMLUSH because this they are not a company, they are gangsters.

Review about: Filmlush Free Trial.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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So did you remove your account/membership/subscription??

And HOW?!?!

If i remove my subscrption in 5 days will they charge my bank account??


:( Lucky i google searched it! THANKS for the tip


Thanks a tonne!

I originally was looking at what countries they allowed for streaming to see if it was even worth signing up, but know I know this, I'm just gonna turn around completely and look elsewhere for my videos.

I'm sorry to hear that they tricked/scammed/conned/stole that from you. It's quite disgusting what people do these days for money

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