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last month while attempting to find a free movie site i thought i was signing up for a free week if i decided after 1 week that i liked it i was to contact them.

i didnt utilize this site for one minute however last month they took $39.94 and again today.

i just b ecame aware of this two days ago at which time i contacted the site and was informed that there was a cancellation fee however lines were down at the time so i was unable to cancel therefore got charged again. criminals

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Me, too!! I didn't even utilize it during that free week, and was charged twice! I just noticed it when I browsed my bank account.


Thank you to everyone who has posted on here I sign up but then wasn't sure if it was legit so I looked up reviews and managed to delete the account before the trial was over so only the cancellation fee for me thank you again


Somehow they got charges on my Debit card but i have not even heard of this company/scammers untill they charged my credit card im just trying to figure out how they got my debit card number

to Steve #1031066

Me too!! No idea how but it's a mute point because I'm canceling my debit card and getting a new one before those bastards charge more disgusting!!!!


Me too! Sooooooo mad!


I made the same experience. After the trial period they charged me 39,95 EUROS (!!), which was never mentioned in the sign up process.

I will get in contact with my bank here in Germany and try to cancel this charge.

I tried several times to cancel the account. In the end I was successful, but they will charge another ,99 EUROS.

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